Insurance companies think risk is growing

Numerous respondents of a late report pointed out that they saw danger to be expanding in the mobile claims adjuster business. Three in four respondents expect IT and digital dangers to increment in seriousness and 55 percent trust the danger of extortion and money related wrongdoing will heighten. Read more

Future Of Public Bank And Payment Bank

Government has given license to many business entities for opening newly branded Payment Bank . Our Finance Minister and RBI Governor say that it is not going to harm future of existing software asset management. And ultimately it will be public money, which will be spent in saving existing PS banks Read more

IT, support, insurances and all the good topics that can be given to firms

Cyber security software, factoring software, insurance agent portal are really needed in the market. Insurances are needed all the time but they are useful when something wrong happens, somet Read more

Marketing for firms

Products and services must be offered to customers when they are well-developed and proper for them. Marketing management is a subject at secondary school. They either last three of five years. They are addressed to specialists that want to be more and more efficient. Studies end with diploma and Ma Read more

Any ideas for united Europe?

Europe is in crisis and I don’t mean about economy, but rather about common policy. To be strong, Europe must to find common policy of energy, information and resources. Financial market i Read more

Bank customers delaying loan repayment for 3 months to face lawsuit

The UAE banks are drafting a comprehensive classification system under which the retail bank software customers will face legal action for non-payment of loan installments for three consecutive months or non-payment for six months during the repayment period. Sources told Emarat Al Youm newspaper th Read more

Entrepreneurship is a good idea

All the topics are really useful and helpful for individuals and companies that use cyber security software, factoring software, insurance agent portal. Not only topics mentioned in this text but much more. They must work and be more and more proper for all of us. We are still aware of their presen Read more

The complete contractor’s guide to business insurance

Simply explained, contractors’ business insurance is a policy option for anyone who contracts their services to other electronic banking software companies or individuals. It is a type of business i Read more

Companies still wait for their chance

The vast majority of companies are still waiting for some chance for them. They need some development and want more and more of them. We must think how to develop and how find the best solutions on daily basis. Companies shall use nonlife insurance software, online banking software, online banking s Read more

Banking the unbanked: The promise of Bitcoin

According to McKinsey, 2.5 billions people around the world don’t use any type of retail bank software to make payments, save, borrow money, or even transfer funds. 2.5 billions people h Read more

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